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Protect your solar hot water heating system from freeze and pressure damage with Rostra Vernatherm's freeze protection valves

We provide two types of valves to protect solar hot water heating systems

  • Standard Freeze Protection Valve
  • Hybrid Freeze & Pressure Protection Valves

Vernatherm freeze protection valves use reliable, non-electric, self-contained Vernatherm paraffin wax motors (thermal actuators) which automatically respond to temperature fluctuations. Usually in freeze protection applications, the valve port opens on temperature drop, allowing liquid that would normally freeze to be discharged and replaced with warmer fluid within the system. When warmer temperatures are detected by the thermal actuator within, the valve will automatically close the valve and the discharge cycle stops.

This cycle will repeat as often as necessary to prevent freezing. The amount of fluid discharged depends on ambient air temperature, and fluid temperature. The system is functioning properly when fluid is being discharged from the valve in near freezing conditions.

Design features that sets these valves apart from all competition

  • Patented anti-seize feature ensures longevity and durability
  • Anti-insect design prevents any insect from making this valve it's home and causing a failure
  • Compact design, that weighs only 4oz
  • UV resistant body material
  • Stainless steel inlet debris screen
  • Separate pressure relief feature offered in our hybrid 35-P & 45-P models

Depending on your type of system and fluid volume, you may be required to discharge fluid at different temperature settings; that is why we offer both 35F & 45F.

35F Solar Hot Water Protection Valves

  • 35-A - Standard Freeze Protection w/ Angled Body Design
  • 35-S - Standard Freeze Protection w/ Straight Body Design
  • 35-P - Hybrid Freeze Protection / Pressure Relief w/ Angled Body Design

45F Solar Hot Water Protection Valves

  • 45-A - Standard Freeze Protection w/ Angled Body Design
  • 45-S - Standard Freeze Protection w/ Straight Body Design
  • 45-P - Hybrid Freeze Protection / Pressure Relief w/ Angled Body Design

All the designs featured here are explained in detail in the brochure above

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·  a type solar valve

·  p type solar valve

·  s type solar valve


a type solar valve
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Solar Valve Brochure
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