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Thermal Activation Products

Self Contained Valves

Valves with housings, ready for system install.

Valves in this catagory include:
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Thermal Relief Valves
  • Three Port Diversion Valves
  • Four Port Valves
Thermal Actuator Products

Thermal Actuators

Thermal actuators are paraffin powered motors that harness the power of thermal expansion to move a piston to a precise distance under a specified load. These actuators are so precise they can be engineered to move within several thousandths of an inch, and work in any temperature range from 30F to 300F.

Our custom expansion material blend gives us an edge over our competitors standard operating temperatures. When you choose Rostra's thermal actuators, the customer is in complete control of the temperature and range needed. You can choose any temperature and range from 30F to 300F which is the largest selection available today.
Oil Valve Products

Oil Valves

Having the ability to accurately control fluids within a mechanical system can mean the difference between a long running success and a short lived disaster.

Rostra Vernatherm Oil Valves can give your system the accurate control necessary to assure proper flow direction.

Function Availibility: (choose 1 or all 3 functions)
  • Pressure relief
  • Temperature control
  • Flow control

  • Temperature Range:
    Any Selectable Activation Temp Between 30F - 300F
    PR Family

    Pressure Relief

    Rostra's pressure relief valves can be specifically designed for cracking pressure 15 PSI and higher.

    Our standard range of pressure valves include:

    • Poppet
    • Cartridge
    • Adjustable
    • Custom
    Solar Freeze Protection Products

    Freeze Protection Valves

    Protect your solar hot water heating system from freeze and pressure damage with Rostra Vernatherm's freeze protection valves

    We provide two types of valves to protect solar hot water heating systems

    • Standard Freeze Protection Valve
    • Hybrid Freeze & Pressure Protection Valves

    Vernatherm freeze protection valves use reliable, non-electric, self-contained Vernatherm paraffin wax motors (thermal actuators) which automatically respond to temperature fluctuations. Usually in freeze protection applications, the valve port opens on temperature drop, allowing liquid that would ...

    Manifold Products

    Machined Manifolds / Housings

    Manifolds / Housings provide the enclosure needed for many thermal control products. Rostra Vernatherm offers complete thermal control solutions by pairing CNC Machined manifolds/housings with control valves. Purchasing both thermal control valves and housings from Rostra Vernatherm saves time, money & frustration. Rather than sourcing two vendors for one thermal control solution, source one; Vernatherm. We ensure complete system functionality between our actuators, valves, and manifolds.

    Please Note
    The products presented in this catalog are examples. Every thermal control solution has its own specifications that dictates the product configuration. Our thermal controls act as the controlling device while the ...
    Diffuser Products

    Thermally Activated Vents

    Thermally Activated Diffusers are a reliable and customizable thermal control solution. These repeatable devices were designed for use in industrial enclosures and cabinets with your needs in mind. They are simpler and more reliable than alternative solutions, while not using an external power source. No maintenance and easy setup will save you time and money while providing your enclosures with the right amount of cooling, independent of power failures or surges.

    Bilbee Thermostats

    Bilbee Thermostats are typically known as B200s which is a general classification. Bilbee thermostats are conduction type thermostats that offer adjustable control or a simple thermal on/off switch at a fixed setting.